World Class Equipment

Acoustic Kit

Yamaha Absolute Drums - regardless of whether it's the new Hybrid kit, Classic Maple, Birch or Beech Nouveau, the Absolute Series is Russ's weapon of choice once more. He has been linked with these kits since the late 90's and has recorded and toured with these drums worldwide.

Sizes used – 22" Bass Drum, Hanging Toms 8", 10", 12" (sometimes 10", 12", 13"), 14" & 16" Floor Toms. Snare Drum - Wood Shell 14" x 5", although metal shell an option for certain applications.

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals – another long term association and a highly innovative company. Depending on the style of music, the Radiant range is the standard choice, but Russ also uses the Sultan Series for Jazz and for some gigs the Session Series (Rides and Chinas). Favourite Sizes - 14" Hi-Hats, 20" Rides, 15", 16" & 17" Crashes, 18" China & 10" Splash.

Hardcase Drum Cases – the best protection for drums that money can buy. Russ was an early adopter of the innovative coloured cases, favouring "Kawasaki Green"!

Kelly SHU Bass Drum Microphone Mounts - fantastic innovation which places your kick mic right inside the drum, saves space and setup time. 

Baskey Rugg Luggs and Drum Ruggs - keep your drums in place once setup. 

Also - Tama Iron Cobra Pedals, Tama/Yamaha/Mapex Hardware, Remo & Evans drum heads, Pro Mark 747 nylon tip sticks, Roland & Alesis Triggers, Modules and Pads

Electronic Kit

Roland TD-30 - Russ first played one of these kits for the Roland V-Drum World Championship in 2012. This experience convinced him to get one for teaching and home recording. An incredibly versatile piece of equipment

Roland V-Drum World Championship Final 2012