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Drum Lessons in the comfort of your own home, on your own equipment

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Worldwide tuition, (timezone dependent) on electronic drums only

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Students can start at 8 years old and will learn drum notation and basic music theory. Also, correct grip, introductory rudiments, basic rock rhythms and co-ordination.


Suitable for all ages and lapsed drummers who may be returning to the instrument. Focusing on joining fills and rhythms, playing to clicks and backing music, whilst reading scores.


Improving speed and four way co-ordinations. How to develop a relaxed feel and handle odd time signatures. Plus mastering dynamics, different styles and musical sympathy.

Trinity Rock and Pop Grades

100% pass rate for all students put forward to graded exams. Trinity books are used as they focus on shortened versions of real songs. Full support for all students preparing for exams.


Being a very physical instrument, correct technique is everything on the drum kit. RSI is a real concern for some hard hitters, so the Moeller Technique is one aspect studied.


Having run many live performance workshops, Russ is keen to bring this aspect of drumming to his students. Stamina, fitness and stage presence are all elements we explore.

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