Remote Electronic Drum Tracks

Made to order, with eight drum channels of digital audio. Bring your track alive with human feel and groove, played on the highly realistic and controllable sound of Roland V-Drums.

MIDI Drum Files

Use your own MIDI sound source, but have a real drummer play the notes. Remotely recorded, so providing an affordable way of producing MIDI drums with a human feel.

Drum Loops

Select from a library of ready prepared loops, recorded at Real World and other studios. Or request a particular style and tempo. Played on Roland V-Drums, with your choice of kit sounds.

Acoustic Drum Tracks

Russ works with several local studios able to expertly mic up one of his Yamaha kits and record upwards of 8 separate channels of digital audio in .WAV format. Delivered to your computer via a Wetransfer bulk download.


Need a particular sound? Russ has a collection of snare drums, including vintage models to create that classic sound. Several cymbal sets to choose from, as well as kit variations. All delivered as digital audio files, PC ready.

Studio Visits

Russ also supports traditional sessions and will travel to your location with your choice of kit. Tracks can be pre-learnt or read, all dependent on your budget and timeframe. Russ has worked with many top Producers and studios.

Intro ideas for a prog rock recording project

Recording 8 channels of audio as well as MIDI for a client's progressive rock concept album. Using a Roland TD-30 kit, Zoom R16 Recorder and Cubase.

Roberto Restuccia - When the Smoke Clears - Promo

All Drums by Russ Wilson, recorded in home studio on Roland V-Drums TD-30, Zoom R16 and Cubase


Acoustic Drum Loop 90 BPM

Recorded at Real World Studios


Acoustic Drum Loop 90 BPM #2

Acoustic Drum - Premier Resonator Kit recorded at Real World Studios